Highly Competitive Salary and Incentive Systems
Various Life Supports and Diversified Favorable Benefits

Social Security Benefits

Five social insurances (endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, employment injury insurance and maternity insurance) + one housing provident fund

Holiday Benefits

Legal holidays, two-day weekends, annual leave, sick leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave, maternity/paternity leave, breastfeeding leave, paid leave on Women’s Day, etc.

Post Subsidies

Employees at different posts may enjoy subsidies for communications, traffic, vehicle, computer, business trip, high temperature, physical examination, hospitalization, etc.

Festival Benefits

Each employee can receive gifts or cash on China’s traditional festivals including Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival. TTG female employees can enjoy additional monetary gifts on Women’s Day.

Monetary Gifts

TTG shares your happiness together. Each employee at TTG can receive monetary gifts for birthday, wedding and maternity, etc.

Activity Benefits

Paying attention to humanistic care, TTG organizes interest & hobby activities, outreach activities and staff trips each year to stimulate the motivation of employees and enhance the cohesion of group.


Optimizing Training Mechanism, Developing Training Channels and Enriching Training Courses for Staff Development


Enterprise Culture and Cognition, Enterprise System, Office Manners, Operation and Management of Office Facilities, How to Become an Enterprise Person, Core Businesses & Products Training, etc

Professional Training

Intellectual Property Training, Legal Knowledge, Data Safety & Protection, Agile Development practices Management, Design Rules, Information Management, Introduction to Programming Techniques, etc

Comprehensive Training

Management Skills Training, Efficient Execution Training, Financial O2O Opportunities & Missions, Payment Methods and WeChat Access Operation Process, Process Management Training, Introduction on Assembly and Operation of Smart Terminals, Business English Training


Intellectual Property Specialized Exchanges, Technology Research & Development Exchanges, Project Exchanges, Product Exchanges, Internet Industry Exchanges

Based on different directions and characteristics of staff, TTG offers two paths for staff career development, from ordinary staff to specialized talents or management talents, enabling TTG staff to gain the joy of keeping up with TTG.