Traceable Transaction Electronic Authentication combines with QR codes and SMS technologies to achieve that the initiator of every single transaction can be traced. It is an all-in-one mobile coupons experiencing & marketing platform which integrates user identification, generation, transmission and verification of electronic authentication with support for marketing activities in various places. TTG Traceable Transaction Electronic Authentication Platform also offers the standard access specification of QR code POS terminals, accepts TTG Smart POS terminals as well as others.


Achieve the unified management of various barcode verifiers.

Provide complete support for electronic authentication based marketing activities.

Offer unified verification of barcode validity.

Provide complete business data management including generation, transmission and data query of electronic authentication as well as details of barcode verification.


Customizing the access specification of POS terminals to support the terminals from various manufacturers.
Analyzing the commonality of electronic authentication based marketing activities in the industry to provide a set of universal support functions for the activities.
Improving the fault tracing process to achieve reporting of problems, assignment of trouble tickets, and tracking of processing results directly on the platform.
High stability of system and high concurrency of barcode verification up to 500/second; distributing the verification according to the number of POS terminals.
Perfect back-end monitoring functions; when an exception of the key monitoring module happens, timely SMS and emails will inform the Operations staff.
Providing support in the whole process, including generation, transmission and verification of electronic authentication.