Guide:TTG services are omniscient and cover various industries. Based on the leading digital payment options including WeChat, AliPay and Baidu Wallet, TTG has offered a last-mile delivery solution to communities, connecting community residents with various service providers.

Q-Life from TTG is a web-based community service system, providing digital value-added services for property management and convenient life-support services for community residents. It marks a new era of digital community based on big data and information technologies.

Service Category

The digital value-added community property services that Q-Life system currently supports fall into two categories as below. TTG will integrate more available services in the future.

Life Services
Household services such as cleaning and moving services; community-based convenience services including stores, supermarkets, and maintenance services for residents;
Agency Services
Property management companies integrate various social resources to provide convenient, time-saving and paid agency service for residents, including collecting public utility fees, contacting the salvage station for door-to-door collection service, insurance agency, rental agency and community-based crowd funding.


With this mobile Internet service platform for digital community property, Q-Life system from TTG links community residents with property managers and various service providers to achieve a triple win situation, enabling residents to optimize life experience; encouraging property managers to add values; and providing merchants with accurate customers. It has become a new type of small business circles for mutual benefits in the Internet age, and also served as a model of high value for Chinese city development.