TTG Helped MLM March into E-commerce Field
Recently, Henan Malome E-commerce Co., Ltd (referred to as MLM) established strategic cooperation with Yichuan Rural Commercial Bank and TTG to launch Prepaid Card project and Wechat Shop, signifying its beginning in the e-commerce field.
TTG and MLM held New Project Launch Ceremony in Yichuan
At 10:00 a.m. of December 24, TTG and Henan Malome Industrial Co., Ltd (referred to as MLM) held the Strategic Cooperation Ceremony & Press Conference of New E-Commerce Project Launch at Malome Vogue Plaza in Yichuan County, Luoyang City, Henan Province.
TTG in Guangdong Established Strategic Cooperation with MLM in Henan
On December 24, 2015, TTG and Henan Malome Industrial Co., Ltd (referred to as MLM) held the Strategic Cooperation Ceremony & Press Conference of New E-Commerce Project Launch at Malome Vogue Plaza in Yichuan County, Luoyang City, Henan Province. It is learnt from the press conference that the two companies thousands of miles away have established cooperation.
TTG and MLM held Strategic Cooperation & New Project Launch Ceremony
At 10:00 a.m. of December 24, 2015, TTG and Henan Malome Industrial Co., Ltd (referred to as MLM) held the Strategic Cooperation Ceremony & Press Conference of New E-Commerce Project Launch at Malome Vogue Plaza in Yichuan County, Luoyang City, Henan Province.
Shenzhen E-Commerce Standardization Demonstration Area Passed the Check
On November 17, Shenzhen E-Commerce Standardization Demonstration Area has successfully passed SAC’s check. This means that first national e-commerce standardization area has passed the check and that Shenzhen’s standard work in the e-commerce field has made new progress. It is worth mentioning that pilot enterprises including TTG have established sound standard systems and improved the development ability in the process of undertaking the pilot work.
First National E-Commerce Standardization Demonstration Area Passed the Check
Pilot enterprises including TTG have established sound standard systems and improved the development ability in the process of undertaking the pilot work. The annual increase of operation revenue has reached up to 200%.
TTG’s CEO Attended PP100 First Term Committee Chairman Selection & Signing Ceremony
TTG’s CEO Mr. Xiong was invited to attend the First Term Investment Supervision Committee Chairman Selection & Signing Ceremony of PP100 (, as a member of Committee. By voting on the scene, Mr. Xiong was elected with 4 votes (5 votes in total) as first term chairman of PP100 Investment Supervision Committee.
Reports on TTG’s Efforts to Promote Standards for Mobile Payment
The other day, TTG announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Institute of Standards and Technology (referred to as SIST) and E-Business Better Service (referred to as EBS) for the development and promotion of mobile and smart phone payment standards in China.
TTG CEO Mr. Xiong Attended the Second Session of Hunan Internet Financial Forum
The Second Session of Hunan Internet Financial Forum has invited many entrepreneurs and senior managers in the Internet Finance field, including TTG’s CEO Mr. Xiong, Hongling Capital’s CEO Mr. Chow, Mango Financial Mr. Xie.
Mr. Xiong Visited “Internet + Country” Service Center in Dexing City
On the afternoon of July 10, Mr. Xiong, chairman of TTG and Mr. Ling, general manager of Jiangxi Taotaogu Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd, together with senior managers of other enterprises paid a special visit to the “Internet + Country” Service Center at Xiangtun Sub-district, Dexing City in Jiangxi Province.
TTG Honored Top Ten O2O Ecological Platform Enterprise in Shenzhen
O2O business model is popular in Shenzhen as well as in Beijing and Shanghai. The website listed Top 10 O2O enterprises in Shenzhen, including TTG, Fangdd and SFHeike.
TTG Joined in Luohu Voluntary Tree Planting Activity
On April 10, TTG joined in the “Rooting in Luohu, Living with Technology” Voluntary Tree Planting Activity co-organized by Shenzhen Internet Industrial Park and Shenzhen Luohu New Social Stratum Association.
TTG ASX Presentation and Chris's Share Transfers to Related Parties
TTG Fintech Limited (ASX: TUP) Chairman Chris Ryan presents at the ASX Investor Series in Sydney.
TTG’s CEO Mr. Xiong Attended Shenzhen O2O Salon
Shenzhen O2O Salon hosted by was successfully held on the afternoon of August 15, 2014. Mr. Xiong Kemiao, CEO of TTG, was invited to share ideas on O2O Closed Loop and Customer Loyalty with the audience. Also, he had in-depth discussions with nearly 300 O2O counterparts present at the salon on issues in the O2O industry.
TTG’s CEO Mr. Xiong Attended China Business Masters Summit Forum
From August 23 to 24, 2014, China Business Master Summit Forum was hosted by Shenzhen HuiFengYuan Cultural Communication Co., Ltd in Shenzhen Pavilion Hotel, with Mobile Internet Revolution and Development as its theme. Mr. Xiong Kemiao, CEO of TTG, was invited as a guest speaker to give a speech on O2O Payment Pathways & Design for Enterprises and to share with the audience the core technology TTG provided for various industries in the financial transaction network—Financial Electronic Authentication solutions, i.e., FEA. Later in the interactive sessions, the audience asked questions actively and Mr. Xiong offered professional answers. The atmosphere throughout the forum was very warm.
MOFCOM (Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China) forwarded the report of TTG by ABC News on July 1, saying that Chinese technology company TTG Fintech (ASX:TUP) has announced expanding and developing of its patent certification technologies in the digital clearing and settlement fields in China.
TTG Awarded Support Unit for CIEC
TTG has recently been awarded Support Unit for 6th China (Shenzhen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition.
According to ACB News report, TTG Fintech Limited (ASX: TUP) has become a new scientific stock of great attention from investors for the second year since its listing. By various means such as establishing partnership and strategic investment, TTG’s channels of revenue have been extended; profit capacity enhanced; and its share price has been increasing all the time, by more than 200% within 54 weeks. In the coming year, TTG is expected to achieve profits soon based on the existing platform.
Finance News Network Interview With TTG Mobile Coupon Services Limited (ASX:TUP) Chairman, Chris Ryan
TTG expanding product offering across Asia August 05, 2013 01:20 PM Finance News Network Interview with TTG Mobile Coupon Services Limited (ASX: TUP) Chairman, Chris Ryan
China O2O Media Reported TTG
TTG was invited to attend the third dinner party hosted by, a leading O2O media in China, and to reveal its core businesses. TTG has all the time been known as a company dedicated to mobile coupons, as it was presented to the public by its project, ULPOS platform. Actually, ULPOS platform embodies the application contexts of various types of financial electronic authentication (referred to as FEA). Based on the business flow of partners, TTG can design customized FEA solutions.
Tencent Tech News Reported TTG
According to Tencent Tech News report, Mr. Xiong, chairman and CEO of TTG, was invited to make a speech on the Global Mobile Internet & Intelligent Terminal Summit 2013 held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on April 12. “In the coming three years, mobile phones can complete payment directly, and each mobile phone will be regarded as a bank card” said Mr. Xiong.
Mr. Xiong Made a Speech on Entrepreneur Capital Circle
On January 5, Mr. Xiong, chairman of TTG, went on a famous local business talk show Entrepreneur Capital Circle of Shenzhen Media Group as a guest and got the chance to present the start-up experience and innovative business modes of TTG during interactive interview and short-video explanation. With constant innovations and reforms, TTG serves public demands by evolving technologies, making TTG’s e-commerce platform of 020 business mode enter the international market and create brand-new consumption ecosystem.
Plenty of Mixed Payments will Appear in 2013
The Opening Ceremony of Shenzhen Inno Valley & Summit Forum on Mobile Internet Opportunities was held in Shenzhen. Present at the event were many figures and celebrities from the investment community and industrial circle. “Due to the development of payment methods and consumption habits, there will be a large number of mixed payments in 2003, such as blending of reward points and cash; and of virtual and real currency” said Mr. Xiong, founder and CEO of TTG, in his speech.
TTG Received RMB 2.1 Million Government Award for Listing on the ASX
It has only taken TTG one year and eight months to be publically listed on the ASX since its establishment. During TTG’s return banquet on the evening of December 19, Mr. He Haitao, chief of Luohu District in Shenzhen handed over a cheque of RMB 2.1 million in person to Mr. Xiong Kemiao, chairman of TTG, as an award of district government for the enterprises entering the international capital market by self-independent innovation.
ULPOS Means“Alipay”for the O2O Field
Many have expressed doubt about TTG’s listing on the ASX, as there is almost no precedent for a listing of such a company with monthly revenue less than 50,000 RMB before. But in this article an analysis is made of ULPOS platform it served, which is said to form a perfect closed ring and is likely to be “Alipay” in the O2O field. In this sense, the analysis may add to a deeper understanding of TTG. For O2O start-up companies, ULPOS platform may not be copied but adopted
Ten Trades of Most Concern in 2012 Chinese IPO Market
Based on monitoring of IPO market for Chinese companies at home and abroad by CVSource, its financial data product, ChinaVenture Group summarized Top Ten Trades of Most Concern in 2012 IPO market for Chinese companies, of which TTG ranked No.10.
TTG Becomes Chinese First Listed O2O Company
On Nov. 27, a company named TTG from Shenzhen of China was publically listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Its core business is about the mobile coupons based on bank cards. The market value of TTG’s IPO today is about 460 million Australian dollars (equivalent to about 2 billion RMB).
TTG Mobile Coupon Services Limited Listed In Australia
Today, TTG Mobile Coupon Services Limited (TTG’s holding company) has been officially listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX Code: TUP), and become the first listed Chinese science and technology company on the ASX.
TTG Cooperated with UnionPay to Launch ULPOS Project
It can pay the bill and enjoy discounts at the same time just by swiping cards. Can I get discounts for all the industries revolving around eating, drinking and being merry? Yes! You can enjoy discounts for various aspects by the ULPOS platform, a mobile coupon project. “The binding of promotions to UnionPay cards is our innovation” introduced Mr. Xiong, chairman of TTG. This May, TTG officially announced a partnership with Shenzhen UnionPay Financial Network to become its solution provider of mobile coupon business. Later ULPOS platform has been officially launched, which transformed citizens’ bankcards to a promotion tool whenever and wherever possible, and make citizens enjoy accessible discounts.
[Video]Tapping the Greatest Resource in China
TTG Non-Executive Director Mr Ross Benson explains how TTG is tapping China’s greatest resource in a monopoly market ahead of listing on the ASX in November.
Is Mobile Coupon a Hard Task or a Big Business?
Who can be a potential killer-level figure in the mobile coupon industry? The answer Mr. Xiong thought of was China UnionPay when he set foot in this industry in 2010, for it had issued so-called over 2.9 billion UnionPay cards within China and installed over 3 million POS terminals. At the very beginning of start-up, TTG Mobile Coupon Project made Mr. Xiong suffered much from the ideas of “pathways” and “terminals”. Today, two years later, TTG, a company he established, has followed the trend and become the solution provider for that potential strong competitor in the mobile coupon business.
Mobile Coupon as a New Shopping Tip for White-collar Workers
Urban white-collar workers are most pleased to enjoy shopping discounts, but sometimes they fails to do so if they have left the discount cards or membership cards issued by merchants at home. Mr. Zhou, an investor of TTG Mobile Coupon Website, has solved the problem for white-collar workers by providing with mobile coupons.
How Can Mobile Coupons No Longer Be Silent?
The low price discount of group buying has really driven Chinese people crazy. However, behind the low price, the product and service quality is also quietly discounted, and the supervision difficulty is increasingly obvious. Meanwhile, heavy discounts are merely temporary marketing strategies of merchants. On one hand, in order to control the cost, such discounts cannot last long, so consumers cannot enjoy long-term favorable prices; on the other hand, it is not beneficial for merchants to attract repeat customers and maintain long customer relationships. In the meantime, the mobile coupon business with a longer history than group buying has experienced a tepid growth in China. For instance, many well-known websites such as and are hard to make much progress in this business. How to break through existing e-commerce shortcomings and dig out a new business mode? How to make mobile coupon, an economic, friendly and convenient consumption mode, no longer quiet?
TTG’s Another Attempt to Build Mobile Coupon Platform
The reporter learnt yesterday that TTG had taken the lead in developing special application software, TTG mobile coupon system, and applied for 12 patents in total for this invention. Based on this powerful tool, TTG has been the first to form an alliance with a wave of some 5000 catering merchants in Shenzhen, and accelerate its expansion in a dozen other provinces or cities such as Anhui Province and Shanghai. At present, the number of merchants signing cooperation agreements has exceeded 30,000 and the mobile coupon offers have added up to more than 50,000 types. (Report from the Shenzhen Economic Daily by Hong Bin)
Unlimited Innovation 2011 98th Week: Mobile Coupons
Premiere Date: 18:12 on April 25, 2011 Premiere Channel: CCTV-10 Program: Unlimited Innovation Category: Science & Technology, Science and Education TV (CCTV-10) Key Words: Mobile Coupons, Special Offers Abstract: Coupons are very convenient in ordinary people’s life, but sometimes maybe inconvenient. In some of China’s cities, mobile coupons have appeared, offering people the greatest convenience and special offers. (CCTV10 Unlimited Innovation, April 25, 2011) 关 键 字: 手机优惠券 优惠信息 本期节目主要内容:优惠券在老百姓的生活中很方便,但是优惠券有很多不方便的地方,在我国的一些城市出现了手机优惠券,方便了很多,让人们随时随地都可以掌握优惠信息。(CCTV-10创新无限 2011-04-25)
Enterprises’ Attempts to Build Mobile Coupon Platforms
The intense competition has led to consumers’ “Three NOs” habit of consumption in Shenzhen, namely, “If No Discounts or No Promotions, then No Purchases”. The emergence of group purchase has promoted the idea of offering discounts to an extreme extent. However, this has led to price wars among group-buying websites, and the weakness of group-purchase mode has become increasingly obvious. In this context, mobile coupons with a history have struggled to regain its momentum.
Mobile Coupons Help Turn the Tide against Inflation
With China’s rapid economic development, especially in the recent 10 years, paper coupons have undergone an unprecedented development. The substantial increase of resource price during recent years has brought huge cost pressure on traditional industries. Indeed, the sharp rise in the cost of paper industry has brought great shock to the industries highly dependent on paper. “Taking a 20-year-old tree to produce, on average, 3,000 sheets of A4 paper and a sheet of A4 paper to print, in general, 2 pieces of coupons, for example, if a medium-sized city has a monthly consumption of 1 million paper coupons (a conservative estimate), namely, an annual consumption of 12 million pieces, then the total annual consumption of paper coupons for all the 3,600 cities in China will be about 432,000 billion pieces, equivalent to 72 billion 20-year-old trees” TTG’s CEO Mr. Xiong said.
Popular Money Saving Way---Mobile Wallet
Shenzhen Economic Daily and the online news portal report that the number of TTG mobile coupon users has exceeded 4 million in just a few months. Experts predict that the new e-commerce platform based on mobile coupons will connect mobile phone users and merchants to create a largest strategic economic alliance in the next few years.
Download TTG Mobile Coupons to Enjoy Happy Life
Chinese news portal NetEase reports that it is very easy to get TTG mobile coupons and save money, only three easy steps to download mobile coupons for free. First, login to the website; second, search by classification or key words; third, obtain mobile coupons by clicking the download button or via SMS. For university students who frequently use mobile phones, it is not only convenient and efficient but also economical and practical to download TTG mobile coupons, helping them reduce living expenses and enjoy happy life.
Mobile Coupons Can Also Help Fight Inflation
Chinese news portal NetEase reports that TTG mobile coupons can also help fight inflation. So far, TTG mobile coupons are not only popular in Shenzhen, but also commonly used in over 100 cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing. According to the interviewee identified by the name of Xiao Xia, TTG mobile coupons have acted as Harry Potter’s wand, providing help in her daily life as well as in managing money.