Prepaid Card from TTG is a new, comprehensive, turnkey solution that provides merchants and third party payment processors with card programming, issuing/selling, recharging, consuming, reward points, refunding and checking functions, as well as full-fledged business support, data query and system management services. Also, it accepts to issue IC cards such as M1 card and CPU card, with a perfect key system and account clearing & settlement functions.
Prepaid card from TTG applies to shopping malls, supermarkets, department stores, as well as catering, entertaining and hairdressing industries. The wide application of prepaid card can significantly help merchants capture access to free client resources.



Various Payment Types

It accepts reward points, consumption points, consumption accounts, e-coupons and integrated payment at the Point of Sale terminal.

Issuance Management

It provides card opening, account opening, card distribution, and card replacement functions. For named cards, cardholders can report loss or lock; while for unnamed cards, it depends.

Business Management

The prepaid card system supports multiple card issuers with attribute management to achieve effective distinguishing between various card issuers.

User Management

It provides partners and merchants with a platform for users’ personal information management, including inquiry of points, transaction details and of recharging records as well as password setting functions. It also offers the corresponding developed interface.

Clearing Management

It can clear the account to produce detailed statement according to the online transaction flow, and generate corresponding clearance reports based on different properties of institutions.

Internet Service of Prepaid Card

Help clients provide cardholders or partners with Internet platform-based card services, including balance inquiry, transaction detail inquiry, card information inquiry, card value-recharging function, etc.

Connect the client’s website to the merchant management system, where cardholders can login for operation. Alternately, cardholders can login to WeChat for operation.